Help us spread the word about LIVE! Share our bi-lingual resources to help support and educate our community.

We rely on volunteers, partners, advocates, and members of the Latino community to not only spread the word about LIVE Center’s services, but also to help educate our community on the unique challenges faced by Latinos who are experiencing violence (or have experienced violence in the past) in Virginia.

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Here are some of the resources and tools that we have developed. Feel free to use them if they help you serve our community better.

Resources for Partners & Advocates:


24/7 Hotline Posters:

LIVE Hotline Poster LIVE Hotline Poster

Posters (Hampton Roads Versions):

Hotline_Poster_Hampton-01Poster SEIB - Hampton

Brochures & Resources

Domestic Violence Brochure:

Brochure Violencia Domestica

Sexual Assault Brochure:

Brochure Violencia Sexual

Domestic Violence Brochure (Hampton Roads Version):

DV Brochure - Hampton

Sexual Assault Brochure (Hampton Roads Version):

SV Brochure - Hampton

Informational Brochure in English:

Informational Brochure English

Informational Brochure in Spanish:

Informational Brochure Spanish

Free Interpreters Program for Victims of Violence (SEIB):

Comunidad SEIB Brochure front

LIVE Brochure in English:

LIVE Brochure Final Front

Social Media Posting Guides & Toolkits

#SAAM Toolkit in Spanish for Social Media:

SAAM Toolkit Cover

#DVAM Toolkit in Spanish for Social Media:

DVAM Toolkit

#GVAM Toolkit in Spanish for Social Media:

GVAM Toolkit Cover

Human Trafficking Toolkit in Spanish for Social Media:

Human Trafficking Toolkit

Child Abuse Toolkit in Spanish for Social Media:

Child Abuse & Prevention Toolkit

Stalking/Acecho Toolkit in Spanish for Social Media:

Stalking & Acecho Toolkit

Educational Materials

Wheel of Power & Control

Wheel of Power & Control

Wheel of Equity

Wheel of Equity

Latinos in Virginia Empowerment Center Video:

Resources for Latinos Who Have Experienced Domestic or Sexual Violence:

Victim Witness Rights Act Information

Victim Witness Rights Act Brochure (Spanish):

Victim Witness Rights Act Brochure (Spanish)

Protective Order Brochures

Protective Order Brochure 1 Protective Order Brochure 2 DCJS - Protective Order Brochure

Frequently Asked Questions:

What services does the Latinos in Virginia Empowerment Center provide?

We offer statewide support through our 24/7 hotline, ensuring that Spanish-speaking victims anywhere have access to a trained advocate whenever they need it. Our Empowerment Centers in Virginia, located in the greater Richmond area and Hampton Roads, provide direct services. For a comprehensive list of services, please visit here.

How can I contact the support line for assistance?

Our crisis support line, available 24/7, is staffed by bilingual and bicultural trained advocates. It serves victims statewide by phone and is the point of entry for direct services in the Greater Richmond and Hampton Roads areas. Reach our 24/7 Crisis Support Line for immediate support at (888) 969-1825.

Where are the Empowerment Centers located?

We have two offices in Virginia: one at 9513 Hull Street Rd N, Suite B, North Chesterfield, VA 23236 (804-658-3341), and the other at 283 Constitution Dr., One Columbus Center – Suite 603, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 (757-708-2812).

Do I have to be Latino to receive services?

Although we specialize in providing services to Latino limited English proficient victims, we never refuse services to any individuals affected by violence. Services for non-Latino individuals affected by violence include making referrals to organizations with expertise in providing services for them.

Are services confidential?

Yes, all our services are confidential. Our organization will only disclose personally identified client information with a signed release of information from our clients or by court order.

What is the Spanish & English Interpreter Bank (SEIB)?

The bank serves English-speaking service providers working with people who are experiencing or have previously experienced domestic violence and sexual violence. It lowers the language barrier by providing free, qualified professional interpreters. To learn more about the bank, visit here.

Are there any associated costs for services?

No, all our services for people affected by violence are free of charge.

How can I request a workshop or training for my organization?

Please send an email to [email protected].

Can I access your services remotely?

Yes, we provide phone services throughout Virginia. Additionally, we offer telehealth options for counseling, support groups, and educational programs.

How does the Latinos in Virginia Empowerment Center collaborate with law enforcement?

We work with clients to explore their options, and law enforcement is involved only if the client believes it’s the best option for them. Reporting abuse is not required, but if chosen, we help navigate the systems and follow the client’s lead.

How are your services culturally sensitive?

All our staff have a Latino background, speak Spanish, and share common experiences, such as victimization, immigration status, and/or English proficiency with the population we serve. This positions us advantageously to provide better services and build trust with clients.

How can I stay updated on events and news from the Latinos in Virginia Empowerment Center?

All public event information is posted on our Facebook page and our newsletter. Job openings are posted on

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