Are you in crisis or danger? Have you suffered violence recently or in the past? We can help.

If you are experiencing/have experienced domestic or sexual violence, or are a service provider working with a Latino who is in a violent situation, we are here for you. LIVE Center has Latino advocates who speak Spanish and can help you (or your client) stay safe and get support

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How LIVE center helps Latinos in Virginia:

LIVE - Inside the Physical Space 7
LIVE - Public Speaking & Education

Helping people who have experienced sexual or domestic violence

You can call our 24/7 Domestic & Sexual Violence Crisis Support Line using the call button below.

We guarantee 24/7 access to safe, bi-lingual, culturally-appropriate services for those who are experiencing (or who have experienced) domestic or sexual violence. Our services for those experiencing domestic and sexual violence include:

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LIVE - Public Speaking & Education
LIVE - Interpreter Bank
Latino Family

Supporting Latinos who have not experienced violence or abuse

Our General Helpline is answered by bi-lingual, bi-cultural advocates between 9am and 5pm ET, Monday through Friday.

The General Helpline serves as a trusted resource for Latinos who are not experiencing violence, but may need help getting access to services. It is staffed by Spanish-speakers who can make trustworthy referrals to Virginia’s available resources.

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LIVE - Interpreter Bank
LIVE - Contact Hands



Do you have questions about our services or what to expect when you call us? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions.