Latinos in Virginia Empowerment Center is the first and only agency in the state of Virginia providing culturally specific services for Latinos impacted by sexual and domestic violence. In addition to providing those experiencing violence with bi-lingual and bi-cultural services, we strive to educate our neighbors and support our partners in service of the Latino community.

If you know a member of the Latino community who needs help and support to get out of an abusive or violent situation, you can feel confident referring them to LIVE. Refer a client today.


We are here in times of crisis, such as when facing a domestic or sexual violence incident. We are here to help you stabilize your situation and minimize long-term damage.

Licensed Counseling & Therapy

Our bi-lingual and bi-cultural licensed clinicians are specially trained in domestic and sexual abuse and its dynamics. Like all of our services, therapy services to process trauma for domestic and sexual violence survivors are available in Spanish.


Get support by talking with other Latino individuals who have had similar experiences. Peer counselors, although not licensed, can provide guidance, assistance and, most important, empathy and understanding.


You are not alone. Support groups provide an opportunity for survivors to gather together to share their stories, give advice, and support one another. Support groups are facilitated by staff and licensed clinicians, and are held throughout the year.


Our qualified and trained interpreters are available during office hours and by appointment for both our clients’ and partners’ language access needs. We promote an environment of language justice where survivors can communicate their needs and service providers can understand them.


Our bilingual advocates are available to help navigate systems so Spanish-speaking people who experience violence can access domestic and sexual violence emergency shelters.


The LIVE Center holds monthly legal clinics for clients who have questions about Family Law or Immigration Law in connection to their domestic or sexual violence situation. Consultations are free, and attorneys offer advice on a wide range of issues, including custody, divorce, child support, housing, protective orders, immigration, and other matters.


Whether you stay in a relationship or plan on leaving an abusive relationship, your safety is key. Our advocates can help you create a personalized plan to keep yourself safe.

Protective Order Assistance

We are available to help you understand the protective order process. If you would like accompaniment to the Magistrate Office our court to petition for one, please call our domestic and sexual violence crisis hotline.


Court processes can be confusing and overwhelming, and our bilingual advocates are available to help you navigate them. Although we are not lawyers and cannot give legal advice, we can accompany you to court to help orient you and support you through the process.


If you choose to receive a forensic exam following an assault, an advocate can accompany you to these appointments to offer support and advocacy while you go through this important process.


We can provide assistance in finding funding that will help keep you safe.


Our Advocates will help you understand processes and keep track of the resources you need to get the justice and healing you seek. Our bilingual and bicultural advocates are familiar with the legal and social services systems you might be working with and will support you by following up on the next steps in your process.

If you have experienced sexual or domestic violence and are in need of help or support, please call our Domestic & Sexual Violence Crisis Support Line.

Call 24/7 Crisis Support Line

If you’d like more information about one of the above services, including support groups, reach out to us and a member of our team will respond.

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Partner Services:

We partner with other organizations in Virginia to help them better serve the Latino community, through our interpreter bank, and our linguistic and cultural expertise. Our partner services include:

LIVE - Interpreter Bank
LIVE - Interpreter Bank

Spanish/English Interpreter Bank

Our Spanish/English Interpreter Bank (SEIB) offers free and confidential interpreter services to people experiencing (or have previously experienced) domestic and sexual violence and their service partners. The goal of the SEIB is to lower the language barriers faced by those who have experienced violence to ensure communicative autonomy for everyone.

Our Interpreters:

  • Go through specialized training in ethics and protocols, with an emphasis on confidential and neutral interpretation
  • Are evaluated to demonstrate bi-lingual competence and are required to provide proof of language proficiency upon applying for a position (testing, degrees, certifications, etc.)
  • Are trained to be trauma-informed and victim-centered in order to provide services that avoid re-traumatization


Appointments are available during office hours 8:45am-4:45pm ET. To learn more about the SEIB or how to use this service, please call 804-658-3341 for more information.

LIVE Phone Support
LIVE - Woman on Phone
LIVE - Partners Program

Partners Program

Latinos in Virginia Empowerment Center Partners is a free program designed to increase access to services for Spanish-speaking people who are experiencing domestic and sexual violence (or have experienced it in the past) by providing support to monolingual English-speaking service providers. We know how difficult it can be for monolingual English-speaking advocates to provide services to Spanish-speaking victims while navigating language and cultural barriers.

LIVE’s Partners Program is a partnership in which your organization’s advocates provide the knowledge and connections they have in your service area, and our advocates bring their ability to speak Spanish, provide their cultural knowledge, and help build trust with the client. Together, we can provide better services to Spanish-speaking people who are experiencing violence (or have experienced in past) and help them access the services to achieve safety and self-sufficiency.

LIVE - Community Advocate Training
LIVE - Partners Program

Latinos in Virginia Empowerment Center (Physical Space)

LIVE provides a safe physical space for community service providers to meet with members of the Latino community. Connecting services providers with members of the Latino community in a familiar, trusted space increases access and feelings of safety.

LIVE is always open to new partners who want to help serve people who are experiencing (or have experienced) domestic and sexual violence in the Latino community. For more information about partnerships and our partner services, please reach out!

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Education & Training Services:

We are committed to mobilizing Virginians (Latino and non-Latino) in support of people who are experiencing (or have experienced) domestic and sexual violence in the Latino community by providing training and education opportunities. Community services include:

LIVE - Public Speaking & Education

Community Advocates Training

This is a volunteer program that organizes and trains Spanish speakers from the community who are committed to taking actions that support the LIVE Center’s mission. This program builds on the natural strengths of Latinos and creates an opportunity for Spanish speakers to actively participate in creating change within the Latino community.

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LIVE - Public Speaking & Education

Public Speaking & Education

Want to learn more about the Latino community, the struggles its members face in the area of domestic or sexual violence, or the ways LIVE is helping people who are experiencing (or have experienced) violence seek safety and healing? Invite a member of our leadership team to speak to your church, business group, club, or at any other event.

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LIVE - Public Speaking & Education