Empowering Virginia’s Latinos to break free from violence

At Latinos in Virginia Empowerment Center (LIVE), our goal is to ensure no Latino feels it is safer to continue suffering domestic or sexual abuse than it is to seek help.

We recognize and understand the unique challenges this community faces and strive to provide a safe, trustworthy, and accessible escape from abusive situations for members of Virginia’s Latino community.

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The problem:

Many of Virginia’s Latinos feel it is safer to continue experiencing abuse or violence than it is to seek help.

We are not okay with that.

Latinos experience domestic and sexual violence at the same rate as the rest of the population (at least 25% of the population). But due to perceived risks and language and cultural barriers, very few Latinos feel safe seeking help. As a result, many remain in abusive and violent situations and suffer silently.

Up to 50% of Latinos experiencing intimate partner violence do not seek help.*

How we help:

LIVE center forms a crucial connection between Latinos in crisis & accessible services

Latinos face domestic and sexual violence as much as anyone else. Yet, many don’t feel safe seeking assistance. LIVE Center bridges this divide by ensuring Virginia’s Latinos know they can get help from a trustworthy ally who is from and understands their culture. We represent a safe space in which they can understand their rights and access necessary services without judgment or fear.

Victim Advocacy

LIVE Center provides linguistically and culturally-appropriate support for Latinos who are living in Virginia and experiencing (or have experienced) domestic or sexual violence. From clinical counseling to crisis planning and accompaniment services, our advocates give those in crisis the support they need to move away from harm and into safety.

Are you experiencing domestic or sexual violence?

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LIVE - Phone Support

24/7 Crisis Support Line

LIVE Center is the only provider in Virginia that guarantees 24/7 access to bi-lingual domestic and sexual violence crisis support for Virginia’s Latino community.

If you’re in crisis, you can reach us 24 hours a day on our domestic & sexual violence Crisis Support Line. To call, click the button below.

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LIVE - Phone Support
LIVE - Interpreter Bank

Spanish/English Interpreter Bank

Our Spanish/English Interpreter Bank (SEIB) offers free and confidential interpreter services to victims of domestic and sexual violence and their service providers. The goal of the SEIB is to empower victims of violence, lower the language barriers they face, and ensure communicative autonomy for everyone.

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LIVE - Public Speaking & Education

Domestic and sexual violence prevention

In addition to supporting victims, LIVE Center is committed to prevention of domestic and sexual violence in the Latino community. We do this through our Leadership Program, our Community Advocate Training, and Stewards of Children. Through training, education, and collective advocacy, we work actively in the community to prevent violence and ensure greater safety for Virginia’s Latinos.

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LIVE - Public Speaking & Education
LIVE - Public Speaking & Education
Latinos in Virginia Empowerment Center - Inside the Physical Space

Community Education & Public Speaking

LIVE is committed to mobilizing Virginians (Latino and non-Latino) in support of Latinos who are experiencing or have experienced domestic and sexual violence, by providing training and education opportunities. Services include advocate training, community education, and public speaking.

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How We Are Different:

LIVe center provides 24/7 access to bilingual, bicultural-trained advocates

For more than 15 years, LIVE Center has been a beacon of safety and hope for Virginia’s Latino community. We’re not just any service provider; we are Latinos serving Latinos. While there are services and resources for those experiencing domestic or sexual violence, most of those are not perceived as safe or accessible by the Latino community.

With bilingual and bicultural trained advocates, we are uniquely poised to offer genuine understanding and specialized care. Beyond language, our clients trust us because we prioritize their safety, dignity, and rights above everything else.

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Our impact:

LIVE cenetr is small but powerful


Since starting out as a grassroots organization in 2008, we have gained the trust of Virginia’s Latino community and are seen as a safe space for that community.


Of all the calls from Latinos and Hispanic people seeking support in fiscal year 2023, LIVE Center handled 28%.*

*Source: VAdata Hotline Data Report, FY23*


LIVE Center served 12% of Hispanic/Latinos statewide who received advocacy services for domestic and sexual violence in 2023.

*Source: VAdata Hotline Data Report, FY23*