Refer A Client

To refer a client to the LIVE Center, please read the information below:


If you know someone suffering from domestic or sexual violence, call us together when that person feels ready and safe to seek help. We will listen to their situation through our 24/7 Crisis Line and sensitively inform them of support options.

IMPORTANT: For safety and confidentiality policies, we cannot contact potential victims directly if referred.

If it’s not possible to call with the person, just subtly encourage them to communicate when they are ready. Our bilingual staff will offer comprehensive services and a way out, without judgment or obligations.

They can call our crisis line, visit us, or consult our website first. We will respond to their call with respect and unconditional commitment.

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For immediate assistance, you can give them the number of our 24/7 bilingual crisis line: 888-969-1824

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If they prefer to come to us in person, you can give them the addresses of our two locations which can be found at the top section of our Contact Us page.

Again, LIVE cannot directly reach out to that potential client for safety reasons. If you’d like to refer a client or loved one, please provide them with the information linked above.

If you have any questions, please fill out our contact form or reach out to our team during office hours.